Commercial Magic is a "new classic" creative agency helping companies to define and wrap powerful ideas into exciting brands and digital experience.

Founded in 2015 by former nuclear physicist and digital artist it's driven by the "no-bullshit" approach, combining intuition and strict logic.

For each project, we become visionaries and skeptics, choose the paths that best suit the business, budget and cultural context.
The principles
Human to human instead of B2B/B2C
Only people: from the waiter to the CEO, from the desire to buy a new phone to the passion of world domination. We are different and we are the same.
Brand story instead of positioning
Positioning is based on the assumption, this is "who should you be". Good story is about the truth and "who you are". The assumption may be wrong, but the truth is never. This is the reason why we believe that only real stories win.
Start with a simple, finish multi-level
Branding is not technology
Human is not a rational agent and knowledge of this fact destroys the importance of smart marketing graphs and charts. A miserable attempt to control the uncontrollable makes us blind. Therefore, the only light that we follow is the scientific facts about the human brain, behavior, as well as our own empathy.
Work "with" client, not "for" client
Beautiful things happen if minds and hearts are united by a common goal. And this is not money.
More work, less meetings
To build new cultures. To shape better habits. To create spectacular products. For the people of the new world.