Prototyping and designing next generation educational platform
Once, Misha Katz came to us and told us about his plans to create a new educational platform, the essence of which would be in communication between the participants, and not in boring lessons.

We imbued with the idea and immediately proceeded to prototyping and designing the platform for designers by designers(c-c-c-combo!).
platform design
digital identity
with Other Land Studio
and Evheniy Syrotenko
Lesson page
For each lesson we came up with a timeline showing the time remaining until the deadline.

A great invention, considering how often students forget that they need to pass the work on time.
The site is very simple, we really, did not invent anything supernatural. Everything is based on user-friendly scenarios, and therefore performs its task perfectly.
More pages
And of course, we have done a lot of work, figuring out how to arrange the rest of the important pages of the platform.
Personal pages
For the teachers, we created pre-designed pages that they could share in social networks to present themselves on the platform, thereby attracting new users.
Next work
Non-classical twist for a former classic fashion brand J'amemme