Predictably fashionable healthy drink identity and content strategy
It was a distant 2015, we survived as we could... Sorry, it was a boom of small brands of healthy food and drinks, to which Vitamatcha can be attributed.

A young entrepreneur from London decided to make the consumption of Japanese matcha tea as convenient as possible by packing it in small disposable foil bags. Thus, the drink could be tasted anywhere - from the university to the gym, simply by pouring the contents into a bottle of water and shaking a little.

And we helped him with a minimalist identity and practical packaging, as well as a bunch of other little things.
brand story
tone of voice
branding identity
digital identity
content creation
shopify based e-commerce
After several attempts to make original and cheap packaging, we concluded that originality will only harm the product.

Therefore, we chose a suitable cheap envelope on Ali-Express, and printed stickers with information — voila!
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