Swiss Audit Monitor
Making digital financial report and identity easy and funny
Universität Zürich Lehrstuhl für Auditing and Internal Control asked us to create a digital annual report, traditional for their organization. And yes, this year we suggested to make it differently than usual.

We created a brand identity and a digital identity, as well as a small website that presents that huge annual report.
branding identity
digital identity
graphs design system
with Rain Studio
Landing page
It's simple: links to the report and important articles. Only the most important information in the most emotional feed.
Although in fact it is this page that is the main one. It just so happened that it was damn long, so we added a secondary navigation between sections.
Graphs design system
And, of course, the hearts of each report are graphs and charts. We had no choice - we made them simple and interactive, thus saving precious space.
Secondary pages
Of course, the world is not without news. And of course, Swiss Audit Monitor is no exception. It's called Radar, because you know why.

We did not reinvent the wheel, creating pages of the second and third levels — they are all easy to use and look good.
And of course, we follow the standards: website is fully responsive.
Next work
Defining the digital identity and content strategy for theauthor's PR school Maria Zubareva